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Silverdale Driving Test Information

NZTA Silverdale Driving Test Location

Operating from VTNZ 5 Furnace Place Silverdale

This is an overview of the Northern/Hibiscus Coast driver testing area for which Shore Driving School includes in its areas serviced for

those wanting to pass their driving tests

This test centre replaces AA Orewa for practical driving tests but does not undertake the theory test which may still be taken at AA Orewa (Hillary Square Orewa).

The area takes in the commercial district around Silverdale and covers an area from Nth motorway Silverdale/Millwater/Orewa and

then the suburbs from Silverdale, Millwater, Red Beach and Whangaparoa which are linked by the Hibiscus highway(70km/50km/hr)

East Coast Rd looking towards Hibiscus Coast Highway Silverdale-56

Drivers need to be confident and practiced in all the speed zones used within these areas which can potentially include: 30km/hr

50km/hr 70km/hr 100km/hr

Drivers should be aware of many merging lanes and busy traffic especially around local schools of which there are several and

remembering the 40km zones around Mornings and afternoons.

Remember to arrive for your practical test at least 15 mins before test time and ensure that your vehicle has a current WOF,Rego and

that all stop lights and signals are in working order.

Silverdale VTNZ Testing Station-264-705

Silverdale VTNZ Driver Test Centre

Silverdale Testing Station VTNZ-361Silverdale VTNZ Practical Test Centre

VTNZ Silverdale Road

5 Furnace Place Silverdale

Auckland 0932

Phone: +64 (9) 421 0292

Licensing (practical testing) Hours: 

Mon-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.

Theory Testing Hours: Not available at Silverdale - please use Orewa AA centre here



Thanks to Adrian’s Driving School, ShoreDrive Ltd, I was able to confidently sit and pass my restricted licence...
Jack Attwood Torbay

Great and calm personality with a wealth of knowledge about driving.  -  Askay

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