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Adrian was a pleasure to work with, and I learned a great deal from him. I would have never passed my license without his help. Any question I had he could and answered and taught me more about driving that any manual could teach me. . If you are serious about passing your drivers exam then I highly recommend you contact Adrian. Thanks again Adrian I am super grateful for your help.


"Adrian was extremely helpful and supportive, and all around a great driving instructor who helped me get my restricted license. After previously failing the test, I booked in 2 sessions with Adrian, 1 before my test and 1 on the day of my test to use his vehicle and practice right before the test. Adrian was absolutely amazing, incredibly supportive and helpful and helped me maintain my confidence and push aside all my pre-test nerves. With his help I've now passed my restricted license test, and I am extremely confident in my driving skills. You can tell Adrian sincerely cares about all of his students and was over the moon to see that I had passed my test, and his experience and knowledge helped give me exactly what I needed to ensure I was a safe and competent driver. I highly recommend him to anyone going for their license, he's an absolute star!

From a parent perspective - great and quick communication when booking lessons, very accommodating. Thanks Adrian!
From Ella's perspective - Adrian is a calm instructor, will make you feel comfortable when driving and teaches good techniques to assist you with your tests.
Kind regards
Lorna & Ella

My two teen sons learnt to drive one year apart. The eldest was a reluctant driver - easily getting anxious and lacking confidence to start. The youngest was the opposite - naturally capable yet perhaps a bit over-confident at times. Finding Adrian was a blessing for us. He has a very calm, patient demeanor and is a very skilled and effective teacher. Each lesson would comprise around town, test route familiarity and manoeuvre practice. Parallel parking no problems. My eldest son particularly identified that when he made mistakes - often repetitively - he was never made to feel incapable. Adrian was always very accommodating for lesson times and communication easy. We can not speak highly enough of Adrian and have recommended him to all our friends with teens learning to drive.
Michelle Tran
Bookkeeping Services
mobile: 021 444 181

So relieved and delighted to have my 17yo pass his restricted after several attempts. Nerves always got the better of him, with every fail setting him up for another. Adrian instilled the confidence he needed, patiently encouraging and identifying the things he was doing right, not just his mistakes. His calm pragmatic approach worked wonders, one happy teenager, and very relieved parent!

Both my daughters learnt to drive with Adrian and passed their restricted test first time. He is calm, patient and prepared them well, not only for the test, but to drive in Auckland traffic. Highly recommended!

Juliette White

Adrian is an excellent driving instructor who is super friendly and easy going. He has years of knowledge and experience, and explanations are clear and thorough. He prepared me well for my restricted and I was able to pass on the first go. Thank you Adrian, highly recommend!

Karina Zhu

Adrian has been the key to my son getting his restricted licence the first time. More importantly for me however, lessons with Adrian have ensured my son is a safe, aware and considerate driver. This has given me peace of mind now he is out and about driving on his own.

Thanks again,

Jane Howie

Adrian taught both our children to drive and prepared them well for their restricted driving tests. His teaching style is calm and patient and both our kids found him easy to understand and get along with. We are more than happy to recommend him.

Sarah Boyce

We cannot thank Adrian enough for helping our daughter get through her restricted driving test. Times have changed and bad habits have been picked up so whilst I could teach Olivia the basics, Adrian was there to polish her technique, give her confidence and teach her the tricky parts. We had 5 weekly lessons with Adrian and I absolutely recommend it. Olivia had no corrections from her driving test and now has the confidence to drive. Adrian is very flexible with timing and has an easy manner. Thank you.


“Adrian (Shore drive) comes with our high recommendation, he is approachable and friendly putting our daughter at ease. He has a wealth of knowledge and makes the lessons enjoyable, informative and relatable. We feel our daughter is a far safer and more confident driver after having lessons with Adrian”

L. Fitness

I am getting on a bit in years and found Adrian's relaxed approach and good humour along with his easy to understand techniques and advice quickly put me at ease and gave me confidence to tackle my restricted driving test which I passed at the second attempt pretty much thanks to his approach. I found him to be very down to earth and he has a good balance between being encouraging and letting you know when you stuff up without making you feel defensive.
                                                                                                                                     David Irwin

"ShoreDrive driving schools instructor Adrian was a really helpful tool in getting me 100% prepared to take my full licence test and pass it with ease. Adrian made me feel like I was a good driver and that I would be able to pass with a breeze after his very instructive but fun lessons. His use of detailed and planned out  driving lessons meant I could spend all the lesson practicing what I needed to and there was no confusion at all. I would recommend ShoreDrive to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive or even just sharpen up and renew their skills to pass their full licence"
                                                                                                                                Kelly Frost

Dear Adrian, 
Thank you for your useful training courses.
My time learning to drive with Adrian Davies was brilliant. He was very calm and patient, and when necessary he would push me to the limit of my ability, which ended up making me learn a lot quicker! I have recently came to New Zealand and had no training with driving on this side before. Passing my practical test first time with no faults (clean sheet) after just two session training is just proof that he is a quality driving instructor and I would recommend him and Shoredrive driving school to anyone needing driving lessons!
Kind Regards,
Saber Salehirad

Saber Salehirad | Mechanical Engineer
HP: +64 22 0149522   
Paul Street| Auckland 1010

We had a slightly older adult that never wanted to drive.  I knew the key to making it happen was to find the right instructor.  Adrian exceeded all of our expectations. He has a positive outlook and made our son feel very at ease for each and every lesson.  I cannot recommend Adrian highly enough. He is a fantastic instructor. My son passed first time and being able to drive has changed his life.  Thank you Adrian.

The best thing about Shore Drive is not just about learning how to drive. It is learning how to drive with confidence. That’s what I gained during my classes with Adrian. Despite my knowledge on how to drive, Adrian was able to point to me the proper way how to drive safely and responsibly, as well as the practical way. The moment you finish your driving lessons with Adrian, you will have more than enough knowledge and skills to not only pass your practical test, but to confidently go about the session with little to no effort at all. Highly recommended driving instructor!

Thanks for the driving lessons mate and all the best.

Many thanks,

Kenshin Kasai

I would like to thank Adrian from Shoredrive for providing such a great service. He helped me achieve getting my full licence which I had been putting off for over 10 years.
Great and calm personality with a wealth of knowledge about driving. 

Kind regards,


"Before my driving lessons with ShoreDrive, I was not confident and needed help with technical skills. Adrian really helped me prepare for my restricted driving licence test. Adrian was calm, fun and made the lessons enjoyable so I felt more at ease driving. He was flexible with the times and dates which worked well with my schedule. He was patient but he managed to instil the skills I needed to be a better driver. I passed my test the first time and I thank Adrian for it. I highly recommend him and his driving school to anyone."


I was referred to Adrian by another driving instructor who could not take in another student. I am glad that happened as I passed my full license at first attempt, thanks to him. He is friendly, super patient and attentive! He is also very flexible and reliable with appointments unlike most other driving instructors. I am sure you will benefit from having Adrian as your driving coach. Keep up the great work, Adrian!
Elizabeth Lee

Hi Adrian,
Thank you so much! I passed my restricted test and all credit goes to Adrian for excellently tutoring me driving. My driving skill was rapidly improved. He focused on my driving flaws instead of just giving me a list of things to learn and throwing theories at me. The best thing was that he let me try and he was very supportive.
Recommend Shoredrive driving school !

Hi Adrian 
I really appreciated your friendly and relaxed attitude with driving lessons and couldn't have passed my restricted license ï¬Ârst time without you.
I was well prepared for all possibilities on the test and i now have the freedom to do what i want. 

Thanks heaps, 
Callum Payne

I began my driving journey last year and obtained my restricted license in January.
I had several  driving lessons with Adrian and can recommend him for his relaxed, easygoing style and meticulous attention to the finer details of driving which enable the learner to be confident and correct with all of the decision making on the road.
Adrian quickly puts learners at ease so that lessons are informal and fun.
 Thanks Adrian !!
Sue Pond
"Adrian from Shore Drive was an excellent driving instructor who was calming and direct, he really helped me gain confidence driving and gave first rate advice. Adrian had far more flexible hours than other driving instructors and he bent to my schedule with ease . Plus the pricing was really reasonable. A++ helped me pass the restricted driving test with no errors. I would recommend him and Shoredrive driving school to anyone! "
~Ellie Mcdougall

From: chenguang wang
Date: 14 August 2015 10:55:39 PM
To: A D
Subject: Testimony-Christiana
Hi Adrian,
I didn't think I could pass the restricted drivng test before Adrian's training class. He's really patient and considerable. I gained lots of confidence after only two classes and passed the test. He explained everything very detailed and professional, which made me get the idea fast and easily. And he kept reminding me to look at the mirror, which was really helpful for the test. I recommended him and Shoredrive driving school to all my friends and I will always recommend him to whoever needs a  driving trainer.
Thanks a lot to Adrian and I may need your help again when I go for full licence. LOL
Best Regards,

Date: 9 October 2015 6:48:35 PM
To: A D
Subject: Testimonial
Adrian was great with my son Andrew. On his first lesson Andrew was very nervous but Adrian put him at ease and gave him confidence. Adrian is very approachable and his mix of relaxed teaching while keeping Andrew focused was great. I can totally recommend Adrian to anyone who is wanting driving lessons. Andrew is the youngest of my five children and all have had lessons over the years, Adrian has been the best driving instructor l have encountered. Andrew has completed his defensive driving course and will be eligible for his full licence in February 2016. Thanks again Adrian and all the best J
Liz Hurley.

From: Lloyd Hallett
Date: 2 January 2016 5:04:57 PM
To: A D
Subject: Customer feedback
Hi Adrian,
This really is a case of better late than never. Rainy days means finding a list of those things that you had meant to do but kept putting to one side. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.
Our daughter had four driving lessons with Adrian before sitting her restricted. "he gave me really simple easy to follow tips  that made all the difference!!" She sat her test and passed 1st time. Thanks Adrian we really appreciated your expertise and Shoredrive driving school.
 Kind regards
Liz Hallett(Rubys mum)

I would like to thank and commend Adrian from Shore Drive for his fantastic ability in allowing me to pass my restricted first time. He was always a pleasure to drive with as he never pressured me. He offered easy and wise driving tips which I found invaluable in improving my standard of driving. Adrian was flexible when it came to booking lessons and was always prompt coming back to me with a date and time. To anyone trying to find a good driving instructor, I would highly recommend Adrian.
Many thanks,
Andrew Richardson
January 2016

Thanks to Adrian I was able to pass my restricted first go. As a tutor he is patient and funny. He helped me become confident on the road and showed me the best ways at driving. Thanks to him I know mistakes will be made, BUT also thanks to him I know these things happen, and we merely learn from it.

Thanks to Adrian at ShoreDrive Ltd he helped me to develop my skills and become a more confident driver so I could successfully pass my Restricted Licence. He is a friendly and helpful person who can teach any person no matter how long they have been driving and make them better. I would I highly recommend Adrian at ShoreDrive Ltd to anyone who is looking to better their Driving.
Liam Pope 

From: maiya richmond
Date:09/06/2016 1:53 PM (GMT+12:00)
Subject: Review
Adrian was a patient and well skilled driving instructor who knew how to communicate very well for me to understand what I needed to do. Thankyou for your great patience and knowledge that helped me to pass my restricted test on the first go!
Sent from my iPhone

From: margret ann young
Date: 11 June 2016 10:01:06 PM
To: A D
Subject: Mags/ testimony
Really enjoyed my experience with Adrian, will be recommended him to all my friends/family, first starting out or getting there full licence. You feel like you get your money's worth, which was a big thing for me. Thank you for your time, looking forward to seeing you again when I'm getting my full licence.
Margret Ann young
Sent from my iPhone

From: Catriona Miller
Date: 21 December 2016 9:02:58 PM
To: A D
Subject: Testimonial
If you're looking for a friendly yet professional driving instructor to help you pass your restricted or full license test first time, Adrian at ShoreDrive is the way to go. After being on my learners license for 8 months and progressing slowly, Adrian was able to quickly get me up to the standard necessary to not only pass my restricted test but also to allow me to be a confident driver. His directions and lessons were always easy to understand and his flexibility suited my often busy schedule. I highly recommend Adrian to anyone seeking driving lessons.

From: yousif almulla
Date: 22 December 2016 5:42:03 PM
To: A D
Subject: Testimonial
"Although I had some experience in driving, I realised there was still so much more to learn. Adrian not only taught me the basics but gave me tips about what the testing examiners are looking for. I also found Adrian very approachable and very friendly which aided my driving. The information Adrian provided was invaluable and I wouldnt have been able to pass my restricted test in my first attempt without his expertise."
Once again Adrian, your help was greatly appreciated.  


From: "Debbie & Jon Scott"

Date: 10 January 2018 6:22:36 PM


Subject: Thank you

Hi Adrian

I just wanted to say thank you for helping Jacob with his driving lessons. He went for his restricted licence and passed first time. He told me it was because of you and your approach, he felt you were calm and made him feel confident, while teaching him all the skills he needed. For me it took away all the stress and strain from trying to teach him myself and now he has passed I am more than happy to be in the car with him as he is always telling me what to do on the road.

Thanks again

Debbie Scott

"Thanks to Adrian’s Driving School ShoreDrive Ltd I was able to confidently sit and pass my restricted licence. Adrian is a genuine man who takes pride in teaching how to drive as opposed to just getting them through the test. He has helped to develop both my skills and confidence in a very short space of time. His calm and enjoyable way of coaching I believe was the main reason as to why I passed and I am confident in saying it will be the same for many others"
                                                                                                                                   Jack Attwood


Thanks to Adrian’s Driving School, ShoreDrive Ltd, I was able to confidently sit and pass my restricted licence...
Jack Attwood Torbay

Great and calm personality with a wealth of knowledge about driving.  -  Askay

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